RopeFest shibari festival is held since 2012.

Creative union «Art Co» invites you to attend the seventh shibari festival in Moscow.

The festival has expanded, and we are moving to a new space. Most notably, there will be more space and time for guest socializing, for seminars and festival events. We will also give more attention to interactive events and networking. This will allow the festival to accomplish its main goal – to develop the culture of understanding the Japanese technique of shibari/kinbaku and to strengthen the community of this art. The show program will still consist of  9  shows per day. Those who strive to learn new things about the technique, will be able to attend free master classes and paid seminars.

Traditional mini-events “Bonfage Escape”, megaropejam and art installation will be added with new interactive events that will no less interesting.

During the existence of the festival many have participated: Gestalta, Lahtnor, Kirigami, Amaury Grisel, Riccardo Wildties, Kinoko Hajime, Shibari Circus, Jan Aka Jpbondage, Bruce Esinem, Nina Russ, Mosafir, Karol, Jay Novak, Kalahari, Salamandr, Ganraptor, Jack Daniels, Psiheya, Roman Araneo, Alexandra Kiki, Andrei Tanto, Ludmila Metresa, Eva-jane Star, Tati Limati, Philippe De Beaumond, Frater, Tougo, Red Lily, Edna, Antoine Savalski, Maestro Bd, Vlada & Falco, Bob Ropemarks, Eger, Artefackt, Konstantin Experimentator, Tatiana Stillness, Liya, Michael Balabanchik, Ivan Warhammer, Michael (Apis), Alia, Unlife, Velad, Mikl Karado, Anton Incognito, Arina Domino, Alexandr Hishchnik, Miledy, Adelaina Lucretsia, Master Set, Valeria Villins, Edna, Steph Calamity, Alex DirtyVonP, VELAD, Alexandr Kazak, Goldie Sunshine, Ptits, Stéphane Arnoux, Dmitriy Valsov