Application for performers


Request submition rules:

1. We take requests ONLY by e-mail
2. A short text about yourself and several photos should be attached to application (for announcement).
3. If you are going to participate in RopeFest for the first time, then we kindly ask you to describe your experience in bondage, public performances, mention the names of events and organizers. If possible, we ask you to send video (or links to video) of your performances.

Conditions for participation:

1. Your performance should be first of all about shibari
2. If you are planning to use additional impacts (apart from rope) or additional equipment, then inform organizers in advance
3. Performance duration ~ 30-35 minutes
4. Stage equipment – one suspension point or bamboo
5. Music should be prepared as ONE MP3 track (please use the maximum bitrate if it’s possible)
6. You can use dress room one hour before performance and half an hour after. All other time dressing room should be available only for those who are getting ready for performance or making themselves up after performance. But you can store your things there.
7. RopeFest is open, public event, taking photos and videos is allowed for all guests of event. Be aware of that when submitting a request for participation. By submitting your request you are committing to free photo and video footage.
8. We provide accommodation for non-resident participants.


Applications must be sent to: