This year we have decided to use a new way of collecting money for the festival’s realization – donation payments. This means that we ask you to deposit a certain sum of money (stated below) into the fund of RopeFest organization instead of buying a ticket
Below you can find the minimal sums recommended for donation, after transferring which you will receive a reply to your stated email saying you have been added to the list of guests.
* Till August 31 — 600 roubles for one day and 1000 roubles for two days
* Till September 30 — 800 roubles for one day and 1400 roubles for two days
* Till October 31 – 1000 roubles for one day and 1800 roubles for two days
From November 1 we will stop to accept donations, and you will be able to attend the festival only by buying a ticket by the entrance for the price of 1500 roubles for one day.